Douglas Village M.S.C.P Deck Waterproofing Project
Finish 3

PROJECT: Douglas Village Multi Storey Car Park

CLIENT: Shipton Group


Waterproofing concrete decks of a 1000 car space Multi Storey Car Park built on three levels, including expansion joints on all levels.

ARCHITECT: Wilson Architure, Cork

ENGINEERS: Arup, Engineers. Cork

MAIN CONTRACTOR: Bowen Construction Ltd. Cork

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: As one of the leading waterproofing contractors in Ireland, with vast experience in Car Park waterproofing, we were appointed in 2008 to supply and install our Conideck Car Deck system.  Conideck is a liquid applied polyurethane based, waterproofing /wearing surface including a layer of quartz granules. As part of the works we also supplied and install Radflex S100 neoprene expanding foam expansion joints.


  1. We provided a BBA Certified Car Deck System with Elastomeric properties of up to 315% elongation and capable of accommodating live cracks of up to 2.5mm. This was very important where you have a large slab with few expansion joints built in.
  2. The waterproofing membrane was fully bonded to substrate, so water cannot track under the membrane even if damaged. Because the membrane was mechanically bonded to the deck it could not easily debond from the concrete.
  3. Very fast installation, spraying 600-800m2 per day of the membrane is not uncommon during the summer period.
  4. Monolithic: Awkward shapes, penetrations and openings are integrated without any weak areas such as joints, laps, welds or seams as the system is 100% monolithic
  5. Very fast setting time, 20-30 seconds after application. Could take foot traffic in 2 mins.
  6. Simple detailing, because the system is a sprayed liquid system, it can incorporate all roof penetrations and irregular shapes into the waterproof membrane without the need for additional detailing.
  7. High chemical resistance, diesel & petrol spills.
  8. Impact resistance, good impact resistance.
  9. Lightweight. Waterproofing membrane weighs only 2.0Kg/m2.
  10. Water submersible, unaffected by being in constant contact with water
  11. Controlled application with only trained personnel to install.


 Deck: precast concrete planks/100mm screed.

Preparation: vacuum blast to clean and prepare concrete

Preparation/ Pre-conditioning primer coat; Mastertop P667-Z epoxy resin filled with oven dried silica sand.

Hot Sprayed Elastomeric Membrane; Conipur M810 @ 1.5mm thickness

Wear Course; Conipur WC 880 @ 0.7kg/m2 filled with quartz aggregate 0.7-1.5mm