Concrete Protection & Repair
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Concrete and Masonry – Repair Protection and Coatings 

Concrete and Masonry building materials have been the most frequently used materials in the construction industry down through the years.  Despite their durability they need care and attention necessitating their repair and protection usually by coatings. Our expertise includes reinforced steel replacement, concrete replacement by hand or spraying and overall protection of the concrete or masonry elements by special coatings.

Concrete and Masonry – Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

In certain cases concrete elements like beams or slabs require additional reinforcement without the increase of the bulk of the element, for these situations we provide a very simple solution with Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding to various specifications and details.

Concrete and Masonry – Resin and Cementitious Injection and Grouting

Stability can also be brought to structures by injection and grouting.  We carry out a wide variety of injection and grouting processes with various resins and cementitious materials. Providing Injection Systems for both Sealing and Structural Sealing of Cracks, Cavities, Inter Layer Gaps and Voids

Types of Structures Include:

  • Bridges
  • Jetties
  • Multi Story Car Parks
  • Column and beam reinforced concrete buildings
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Reservoirs

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