Elysian, Cork Residential & Commercial Development Waterproofing Project
6 Finished lower podium

Project Profile

Project: Elysian Complex Cork

Client:  PJ Hegarty Ltd

Scope of project: Approx (8,000 m2) of waterproofing and 200 L/m of Radflex joints

Applicator: Beton Construction Services Ltd.

Architect: Wilson Architecture

Project description:

The podium deck at the new 211 luxury apartments, Elysian Building in Cork city needed a waterproofing membrane and expansion joint system to accommodate a number of unusual shapes, penetrations and water features. Speed of installation was an important factor due to the number of other trades that needed access to the area to carry out their works. Due to the variety of water features, intensive landscaping and paving finishes to the podium, it was essential that a versatile and durable system was used to insure the integrity of the finished podium.  The solution selected for this project was Beton’s  CONIROOF waterproofing and Radflex joint systems.  Beton were chosen for their experience and track record of successful applications of the CONIROOF and Radflex systems.


  • Other trades were dependent on the completion of the waterproofing system to begin work
  • Fast application and curing were required
  • Unusual shapes and penetrations were to be integrated into the waterproofing to seal effectively and reliably without additional work or prefabricated parts
  • A seamless surface was required to eliminate weak areas in system
  • The surface needed to be compatible with hard landscaping


CONIROOF 2111 system with CONIDRAIN and reservoir board was to be used in all areas under landscaping, water features and paved areas.

System Build up:                                                             

Podium: Precast concrete with temp finish

Preparation coat: MASTERTOP P 617 epoxy resin preparation coat filled with dried quartz aggregate

Sprayed elastomer: CONIPUR M 800 @ 2mm thick

Drainage layer: CONDRAIN 4mm drainage layer including bonded geotextile fleece


Advantages at a glance:

  • Fast – track curing (30 seconds)
  • Easy spray application
  • Other trades could commence as soon as 2 mm in place
  • Awkward shapes and penetrations were integrated without any joints or laps
  • Seamless monolithic system
  • Membrane acts as a root barrier making it ideal for landscaped areas
  • Crack bridging
  • Highly Durable