Inverted Roofs
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An inverted roof is a form of warm roof where the principal thermal insulation is placed above the waterproof covering and is generally covered by paving or ballast. This system is also referred to as a protected membrane or upside-down roof.

There are a number of advantages to this type of roof. The waterproofing membrane is perfectly protected from mechanical abuse, UV radiation, solar radiation, thermal shocks and other atmospheric factors of aging. This greatly adds to the longevity of the roofs functional life.

This type of roof design is becoming more popular in modern cities where the cost of recreational space is at a premium. Roof gardens and terraces along  with decked balconies and terraces are popular selling points in urban residential complexes.

When installing roof gardens, the durability, versatility and performance of the waterproofing system cannot be underestimated. In the event of weak spots appearing in seams or laps of sheeting systems, the cost of having to investigate and resolving these leaks can be considerable.

Beton’s CONIROOF waterproofing system is mechanically bonded to the substrate meaning that, in the event of damage to the membrane, water cannot track underneath the membrane. This allows for potential leaks due to damage to be isolated and repaired easily. No other system can match the physical properties, versatility, performance and speed of installation of Coniroof membrane for roofs.

Beton have a vast amount of experience of these projects and can offer advice at an early design stage.


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