Green Roofs
Greenroof installation 3 London

Verdant Roof Gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years. These Green Roofs and Plaza Decks that help improve environmental aesthetics and urban air quality, require a contemporary waterproofing material that provides a solution which balances economic high performance with flexibility in installation and use.

When installing a green roof, the durability, versatility and performance of the waterproofing system cannot be underestimated. In the event of weak spots appearing in seams or laps of sheeting systems, the cost of having to investigate and resolving these leaks can be considerable. Beton’s waterproofing systems are mechanically bonded to the substrate meaning that, in the event of damage to the membrane, water cannot track underneath allowing the leak to be isolated and repaired easily.

Beton’s spray applied liquid waterproofing systems are complemented by a full range of products which allow our clients the convenience of sourcing a full suite of products and services from the one company. In the case of green roofs, Beton supply and install the complete green roof package. From waterproofing and drainage layers through to growing medium, plants and other finishes, Beton are a one stop shop for you green roof needs.