Warm Roofs
warm roof installation 726x414

A warm roof or warm deck construction is characterised by having the principal thermal insulation placed above the structural deck, with a vapour control layer between the deck and the insulation.

A building’s roof is one of its most important components, and defective roofing can affect not only a structure’s maintenance but its whole-life cost.

To protect roofs, Beton’s CONIROOF waterproofing systems for flat and inclined roofs are suitable for all major roof types and designs. Highly elastic and seamless, they can be used both for new build and renovation situations. Our systems also have the benefit of being cold applied, avoiding the fire risk of hot working.

As the Coniroof waterproofing systems are sprayed polyurethanes and thus seamless, they are easily applied around corners and on verticals, accommodating connections and transitions on roof structures such as dome lights, ventilators, chimneys, dormer windows and eves. Unlike sheeted systems, there are no weak spots caused by laps, welds or seams.

Application is quick, as these liquid membranes set in under 30 seconds.

For warm roofs, top coats are available in a wide range of colours.